Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheap Ways Around the World

Who says the holidays are always expensive? With appropriate measures and smart, you can make traveling with saving. Here it tips.

Holiday season. Avoid vacation during the holiday season, Christmas, Idul Fitri, New Year, or a long holiday weekend. However, if forced to go well, find information and buy tickets via the Internet at least 3-6 months in advance.

Transportation modes. Immediately determine the means of transportation that will be used to reach the destination. When using the aircraft, be diligent search for information on the internet to get a cheap flight ticket. Select an airline that can offer the cheapest prices, but service quality is pretty good. Do this at least a month earlier.

Via the Internet. Booking via the Internet are usually much cheaper than through travel agents. However, booking through an agent is also cheaper than if we went directly (go show) without a flight ticket and hotel booked in advance. The difference can cost many times more expensive.

Hotel vouchers. If forced to go on a holiday show, buy a hotel voucher sold at the airport could be one option. However, the show will go on vacation in trouble when you bring children or infants.

Cheap tickets. To get cheap airline tickets, take advantage of travel agents who can provide good service. Find the cheapest prices on the date and hour of departure as you want, and register your name without the issue first. So, for not leaving on vacation, you can still check the prices offered. If there is a cheaper, do not hesitate to call the travel agency workers who take care of your ticket, and asked to register your name.

Problem budget. Tell the officers that the budget per ticket that you have to date you specify. Officers will tell you the prices airlines posted it.

Ask notified. Ask the travel agency officer to be notified every time a particular airline provides tickets cheap, cheaper than grateful if your budget.

Messages advance. Book a flight ticket and hotel before leaving on vacation is very important even if you only like a vacation to a small town of Bukittinggi. You do not want comfort damaged or even canceled a vacation just because until the destination is full or all the nice hotel rooms available are very expensive, right?

Diligent browsing the Internet. Through the internet, star hotels usually provide much cheaper price than if you ordered directly to the hotel room in question. Go to site www.asiarooms.com for Asian countries, www.magicaljourneys.com and www.venere.com for outside Asia.

Check the facility. First check the hotel's facilities will be selected when ordering via the Internet.

Take advantage of friends. Have friends or relatives who live in the city of destination, especially if the purpose of traveling outside the country, can be used as a place to stay. Or, it could also rent a guest house owned by Embassy (Embassy) local.

Go on tour. If vacation time is the first experience in the city of destination, using a package holiday tour could be an option for "surfing" can be a maximum.

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